About the Company

We have been on the market since 1994 and offer twenty years of work experience in the production of pressing tools, injection moulds for plastic processing, in tool manufacturing and in the production of parts using electrospark erosion. We provide integrated solutions of customer’s requirements, from the assignment to testing and finding the best possible design. We work with state-of-the-art technology, which we maximally use for the needs of our customers.

Main Focus of the Company:

  • Production of procedural pressing tools, their maintenance and renovation
  • Production of injection moulds for plastic manufacturing, their maintenance and renovation
  • Complete electrospark erosion – cutting and drilling using AGIE CHARMILLES machines
  • Tool production of precise machine parts: milling, turning and grinding
  • Measuring produced parts using the Mitutoyo 3D CNC measuring device with an option to deliver metering reports
  • Provision of design of pressing tools and injection moulds

The Company is located in a new hall in Dobroměřice:

Our Vision
We want to continue being a sought-after company in the field of production of tools and machine parts and a company providing quality products and services to customers; provide our customers with integrated solutions that meet their expectations; focus our efforts on the growth of added value of our products with the aim to satisfy the needs of our customers by actively approaching all the processes; provide continuous growth and economic prosperity built on long-term and mutually convenient partnership relations.

Company History

  • 1994foundation of the company
  • 1994productions start with four employees in Touchovice
  • 1994purchased spark erosion machine and cutter
  • 1996 upgrade to a machine centre with standard machine tools – mill, lathe and grinder
  • 1998foundation of company design office
  • 2007moving the machine centre to the Hřivice centre
  • 2009Touchovice centre equipped with 3D Mitutoyo Apex M 574 measuring device
  • 2010both centres – purchase of two screw compressors Renner RS 7.5
  • 2010Hřivice centre – the machine centre equipped with 3-axis CNC milling centre MCV 754 Quick MAS
  • 2011Hřivice centre – equipped with 3D CNC Mitutoyo Crysta APEX S 574 measuring device
  • 2012Hřivice centre – purchase of flat-surface grinder BPH 300 TOS
  • 2012Hřivice centre – purchase of flat-surface grinder FS 40/60 Ziersch
  • 2012Hřivice centre – equipped with second 3-axis CNC milling centre MCV 754 Quick MAS
  • 2014Hřivice centre – purchase of flat-surface grinder ZT 24 Ziersch
  • 2014Hřivice centre – purchase of CNC turning machine MAZAK QT Nexus 100
  • 2014Hřivice centre – purchase of 5-axis CNC milling centre MCV 1000 SPEED MAS – 50% subsidy from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation – Development
  • 2015Touchovice centre – purchase of spark erosion machine Agie Charmilles CUT 300 Sp
  • 2017moving to a new hall in Dobroměřice
  • 2017purchase of 5-axis CNC milling centre HERMLE C42U and CNC turning machine EMCOTURN E65 – 40% subsidy from the Operationa Programme Enteprise and Innovation – Development