Pressing Tools
lisovaci_sq We produce procedural pressing tools, cutting tools and assembly fixtures. The production is done on the basis of documentation delivered by the customer. Or, documentation can also be prepared using the SolidWorks program. The latest trends are applied to design.

Injection Moulds for Plastic Production
plasty_sq The manufacture of moulds for plastic production is an important product in our portfolio. We also offer mould design that our company provides in cooperation with an external engineering office with many years of experience in the design of moulds and plastic production. Moulds for plastic production 1

SMachine Parts
strojni_sq We produce complex machine parts based on the delivered production documentation using integrated machine equipment, including state-of-the-art CNC machines. The production is provided from purchasing material to the delivery of the finished product with metering report.

Electrospark Erosion
eroze_sq Our company provides the production of high-quality and precise parts for our own products as well as for other tool manufacturers, using six spark erosion machine in continuous operation, particularly with focus on the automotive industry.